Dolores, a member since 2006, is a Past President of our Guild, and served selflessly from 2009-2010, where the Guild grew exponentially. Upon stepping down as President, she then accepted the role of Vice President for the 2010-2011 Program Season, while simultaneously creating a Membership Comittee, spearheading a Member Survey and dutifully volunteering on Saturdays to help at the PSWG Workshops. Additionally, she always made herself available for consul regarding critical issues within the Guild.   

Dolores was born and raised in upstate New York, lived in Queensbury, and attended SUNY Albany for a Masters in Social Work. She worked as a clinical social worker, concentrating on individuals, family and marriage therapy. Dolores and her husband first visited Palm Springs in 1996, doing an exchange time-share. They continued returning every winter, and when she “semi-retired” they moved here permanently.

Writing was something she says she did only at college and in her journals, but because of a fatal accident on a ski slope that took the life of her young son, she knew she had to put her feelings down on paper.  “I felt I needed a new discipline, a new way of describing my emotions and putting it into writing.” 

From the beginning, Dolores knew she wanted to help other parents by writing a Self-Help book for those who’d lost children. She soon realized “…how easy it was to stay in my head instead of my heart. I also knew I couldn’t tell them how to go through the journey of a child’s death, as each parent’s story is unique.” 

Dolores then began a journey to learn how to write.  She took a Creative Writing class in Palm Springs. It was during these classes that she met our own Dawn Spitz, who invited her to join the Guild.  She also took courses with Tom Larson who taught her the elements of writing a memoir. “A Vow Made True: From Despair to Hope,” her first book, will be out in January of next year.  Our own Mark Anderson did the cover work and the layout.  He will also be formatting an eBook for her.

Dolores has started a social community blog site for parents and siblings. It's a wonderful blog with many aspects of encouragment and guidance.

We are greatful to the many contributions and the set of standards Dolores Carruthers has made and continues to make in an effort to promote the successful growth of the Palm Springs Writers Guild.

Thank you Dolores!

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