President's Letter
September 2011

James D. McFarlin

Dear Guild Members,
Your ship has come in!
Ever have a tickle of an idea or a simmering desire to pen that pulse-pounding thriller, racy step-family memoir, or other unique expression of your creativity?  You feel a passion to write burning within - addressed in my August letter - but you need direction or knowledge to help turn your writing dreams into reality?
Well, you are in the right place.  The Guild's upcoming 2012 Season offers a veritable river of opportunities to help you pack punch into your writing and get your work published.   It all starts October 1st at our Season kickoff meeting featuring the exceptional and talented screenwriter Gary Kott.
Looking to add zing to your poetry, more thunder to your thriller?  Enroll in the Guild's educational writing workshops, get some insightful feedback by joining a Guild critique group - and then test your talents by participating in our monthly writing challenges.
Need a boost to get your book over the finish line?  Gain strategic guidance from a mentoring group, get a reality check with a manuscript review, perhaps engage a professional for that all-important final edit.
And when you are ready, showcase your masterpiece on the Guild's web site and at our Desert Writer's Expo. 
Along the way, keep up with all the Guild's activities through the website and enjoy supportive relationships with interesting fellow writers.  All this and more are yours as an active member of the Guild.
Seizing these opportunities is - well, yes - up to you.  But all you need to do is unleash a dose of your aforementioned passion, make a decision to get on the ship, and join our journey.  That's all there is to it.
Getting the feeling I'm passionate about engaging you more fully in the activities of the Guild?  You are absolutely correct - I am passionate about stirring something inside that moves you from curiosity to commitment; from ideas to inspiration; from spectator to player; from participant to leader.
And as our new logo tag line states - from dreams to reality.
See you on board.  Anchors away!                                               
James D. McFarlin
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