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New Member Spotlight is on: Mr. Bob Merritt

My name is Bob Merritt. I have been involved with computers and semiconductors for the past 30 years. During most of that time, I have been writing quarterly market research reports and a monthly blog, as well as working with PR agencies on press releases and advertisements.

I am currently working on a book presenting the likelihood of a period of major social disruption that eventually results from the continuing rapid advances in computer and robotic technologies.

Historically, we have seen other similar periods of rapid social restructuring triggered by new technologies and new ideas, such as, the Industrial Revolution and the European Renaissance. The book describes the technical progress that has already been made and concludes that most technologists believe we are on track to develop machines within the next 25 to 30 years which will be intellectually indistinguishable and in many cases have physically melded with humans.

In conjunction with the book, I am also writing a series of short blogs spotlighting some of the specific technical advances that have already caused changes in political and social norms. I have also been confirmed as a speaker to present this material in one of the sessions at an international conference on advanced technologies this spring.

This book is my first attempt at writing for a broader audience, as well as writing in such a way to sustain interest throughout this much material. I attended my first PSWG meeting in October at the suggestion of someone who had already had one book published and found the presentation on getting a manuscript published to be very informative. I am eagerly looking forward to other future opportunities that will help me improve my writing skills. 

*Bob Merrit is a PSWG New Member as of October 2014. He currently resides in Indio, CA. His website is  

Welcome Bob!

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