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Blue Salt Water by Dan Green (Historical Fiction) Play Away Please by John Peter Hagen Celebrities in Hiding by Audrey Schumacher Moe The Cut of Pride by James A. Misko (Fiction) The House of Serenade by Lina Simoni (Fiction)
 The Entrepreneur's Guide to Building a Better Business Plan by Harold J. McLaughlin Cafe Respect by Steve Scott (Mystery Novel) Late Bloomer Millionaires by S. Schullo & D. Robertson (Non-Fiction/Finance How-To)  Unlock the Truth by Robena Grant (Suspense) The Blue Dolphin by Robena Grant (Suspense)
 Rider Down by Debbie Madison The Prague Deception by Victor O. Swatsek (*Fiction)
Miracle Messenger, by Virginia Michelle Hummel (Inspirational)  Hot Water by Kathryn Jordan (sophisticated romance novel) Road Poems by David Cat Cohen (Snapshots en Verse)
On a Clear Day by Bert Upson (Memoir) A Vow Made True by Dolores Carruthers (Memoir) For What He Could Become by Jim Misko  MacGuffin, by Michael Craft (fiction drama) Degrees of Courage by Shari Vester (Historical Fiction)
The Most Expensive Mistress in Jefferson County, by James Misko She's My Dad by Iolanthe Woulff (fiction thriller) Chicken Soup from Around the World by David (Cat) Cohen (Food/Travel)  En 1,2,3 puedes usar y disfrutar la computadora, by Vicki Mills and Karina Preciado-Quintanilla Anybody Can Enjoy Computers by Vicki Mills
Chocolates on the Go by Anthony L. Manne (How-To) Glad Hand Saloon by Steve Scott (Western Fiction)
A Pointed Death by Kath Russell
The Road Taken, An Anthology, by Cyndy Muscatel Beachwalk by Audrey Moe
Building Your Business Plan: A Step by Step Approach by Harold J. McLaughlin (Business) How To Finance Any Real Estate, by James Misko The Butterfly Touch by Dessa Byrd Reed Winning the Global Talent Showdown by Edward E. Gordon (Business)  Buddy's Tail by K. Anne Russell (Childrens)
 Seven Bridges by Dessa Byrd Reed  Sofia's Rainbow by Lina Simoni (Children's Picture Book)
The Prettier Sister by Francine Kaplan (Suspense) Tsunami by Gordon Gumpertz (Action Adventure Fiction) Voices of Dawn by Dawn Rylander Spitz
 Y Women Cry by Sharon D. Stewart (Special Interest)  Tree Top Angels by Carolyn Sollano (Young Adult) A Broad Abroad in Iran by Dodie Cross (NonFiction) He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, by Rachel Druten My Office is a 3-ring Circus by Judy Weigle
  Economic Espionage Checkmate by Steve Manning (Business) Sudden Death, by Steve Manning A Likely Story by Amy Mull Fremgen (short stories) A Broad Abroad in Thailand by Dodie Cross (Humor)
 Desert Walk, by Audrey Moe Maria Gypsy Princess by Maria Reule Woelfl (Historical Fiction) Lessons Learned by Katrina Davis-Bias (Memoir)
4 Gigs of Trouble, by Stella Baker (Suspense)
Spell Check (Teen Wytche Saga) by Ariella Moon, (Young Adult Romance)
 Spell Struck by Ariella Moon, (Young Adult Romance) The 6th of Six (The Legend of Kimraig Llu) by J. K. (Keith) Wilson (Apocalyptic Sci-Fi)
At Risk: Passion and Peril at Sea by Jackie Ullerich (Fiction Suspense Thriller) Spell Fire (The Teen Wytche Saga), by Ariella Moon, (Young Adult Romance) Almost Eleven-The Murder of Brenda Sue Sayers by Harrell Glenn Crowson (Non-Fiction, True Crime)
Minding My Mother by Lamoyne Dowells (Memoir)
Once Upon a Mulbery Field by C.L. Hoang (Historical Fiction)
The Night Julius Caesar Invented Champagne by Madeleine de Jean (Historical Fiction)
Sabbatical in the Sun by Jackie Ullrich ( Fiction Romantic Intrigue)  A Bird Black As the Sun, Edited by Enid Osborn and Cynthia Anderson (Poetry)
 In the Mojave by Cynthia Anderson (Poetry) The Psychic Life of George HL Mallory by Ray E Harkleroad, Jr (Autobiography)
 Reinventing My Life by Dorothy Kissell (Memoir) Miss Buena’s Pet Cemetery by Steve Scott (Mystery) Penniless Hearts by Eve Gaal (Romantic Adventure)
 The American War by Don Meyer (Historical Fiction)
 Dakota Blues by Lynne M. Spreen (Midlife-Fiction)  Travels - Castellum, by D.L. Summer (Fiction, Fantasy)  Eyes of Your Heart by Frederic Delarue  Not Happy Get Happy by Elizabeth Schadrack (Self-Help)
 The Persian Room Presents by Patty Farmer (Non-Fiction)  My Michigan Summer by Rose Klopf Tithof (Children)  Alice at the Home Front by Mardiyah Tarantino (Juvenile/Historical)  How To Survive Your Promotion by Edward J. Lopatin (Business Self-Help)  Some Kind of Angel, by Melvin M. Harter (Fiction)
 Red Hot Sky by by Gordon Gumpertz  The Girl in the Butternut Dress by Joanne Hardy (Historical Fiction)  Laffing Matters by Melody Fleming (Health / Well Being)  The Encyclopedia of Men's Clothes by Andy Gilchrist on His Website  Following Sarah by Robert E. Davis (History/Travel)
 Roots of the Vines by Arlene Morgan and Ronald Krivosha (Fiction, Romance)  Midnight Rumba by Eduardo Santiago (Fiction)  Tomorrow They Will Kiss, by Eduardo Santiago (Fiction)  The Postman Always Shoots Twice by Stella Baker (Mystery)  
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