Grammar Game December 2012 (39)

Created on: Sunday, December 09, 2012
The Grammar Game: Dec. 3, 2012
Annual Contest for Members w/ $100 top prize

  • President, Jim McFarlin, opens the meeting and introduces our authors.
  • Recognizing our authors.
  • More of our authors.
  • Michelle Thueson, Founding President of the Indian Wells Chamber of Commerce.
  • Denis LaComb
  • Edward Lopatin
  • Stella Baker
  • Dessa Reed
  • Astrid Bender
  • Bert Upson
  • Lina Simoni
  • Joanne Hardy and Dodie Cross
  • Members sign in.
  • Executive V.P. Tom McKeowen and Recording Secretary, Janet Asten drawn the winning names in the Manuscript Reading Contest.
  • Marge Dodge and Michael Craft explain the rules for the Grammar Game.
  • Grammar Game Moderator, Michael Craft.
  • Marge explains the importance of proper grammar...especially to writers.
  • Let the games begin.
  • Roni Sanlo gets the first question.
  • Ally Canning takes a shot.
  • Virginia Simpson's turn.
  • Marge displays one of the consolation prizes.
  • Joao-Luis DeMedeiros answers his question.
  • Batya Stark steps forward.
  • Dodie's turn.
  • Eli gets a second question.
  • The Guild's youngest member, Eli Pagunsan, sucessfully answers his question and receives applause from his fellow contenders.
  • The ranks are dwindling.
  • Janet Asten and Hilary Christiansen are the final two.
  • Hilary Christiansen gets her final question.
  • Michael Craft awards Hilary Christiansen the prize for winning the 2012 Grammar Game. Congratulation Hilary.
  • Authors meet & greet following the regular meeting.
  • Meet and Greet.
  • Sunny and Eudora
  • Judy Fabris, Kaththe Fender (back), Sunny Simon, and Dolores Carruthers
  • Kaththe and Dessa
  • Irene and Astrid
  • Kaththe Fender and Michael Craft.
  • Dottie, Judy,and Carol say their good-byes to Dolores who will be leaving us soon to return to New York.
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