President's Letter
August 2011

James D. McFarlin

Dear Guild Members,
Passion!  Do you have it?                                                                        
The celebrated eighteenth-century French literary writer Bernard de Fontenelle captured the essence of the zeal, devotion, and enthusiasm that characterize passion with this timeless, insightful perspective: "The winds necessary to put everything in motion, though they often cause storms."

I can guarantee you the Guild's October 1st season kickoff speaker Gary Kott has passion - and has probably kicked up more than his share of storms in his highly successful writing career.  Click on "October Monthly Meeting" on the front page of our web site and read about true passion in action.  Then plan to see Gary Kott speak about how his passion to inform and entertain others carried him through both the exhilaration of success and the agonies of failure in his fascinating Madison Avenue, television and film career.

Mark your calendars now for 2pm, October 1st at the Rancho Mirage library.  And plan on arriving early - we are expecting a packed house. 

As your incoming Writers Guild President, I too have a passion.  That passion is embodied in my unwavering commitment to ensure each of you has access to the full range of resources, knowledge, and support provided by the Guild to help you succeed in your writing journey.  And I am not alone.  You have nine dedicated Guild Board members, a staff of committee chairs, and many hard-working members who share the same passion.       
The Guild's 2011/2012 season is packed with exciting programs, informative speakers, excellent writing workshops, supportive critique groups, writing contests and much more.  In addition two exciting new programs will be unveiled at the October 1 meeting to help  propel you onward on your writing journey.
Like laughter, passion is infectious.  Come share ours.  If you are not yet a member, join the Writers Guild today by clicking on Membership Application.                                                                                                                
And while you're here, share yours.  Storms welcome.                                                  
Keep Writing!
James D. McFarlin
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