Next Meeting: Saturday, June 6th

"Time to Promote It"

presented by

Author and Motivational Speaker

Karen L. Twichell

2:00pm - 4:00pm

Rancho Mirage Library, Community Room


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Annual Short Story Contest:

1st Place:
"The Foreteller"
by Gordon Davis

2nd Place:
"Crazy Thoughts"
by Michael Craft

3rd Place:
"Alaska Mourning"
by Harmony Byron

Poetry Contest:
1st Place: "Mobius"
by Cynthia Anderson

2nd Place: "Gaze"

by Jon Von Erb

Monthly Writing Challenge:
Grand Finale Winner:
by Evelyn Kain

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If you are eager to do speaking gigs or need to find other practical ways to promote your book, Karen L. Twichell's June 6th PSWG presentation will help any writer, novice to professional, interested in learning effective ways to promote books and related materials. Click here to find out more

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The Benefits of Membership


Being a member of the Palm Springs Writers Guild shows you are serious about your writing.

You’re looking for direction, support and professional advice; you’re looking for answers.  You’d like to improve your writing skills; how do you get your work to the next level? You’d love to get some feedback on your work from people other than family and friends. You may be a published author and would like to find more ways to market your books.

Baseline: you are interested in connecting and building relationships with other writers. A simple interaction of you show me what you’re learning and I’ll show you what I’m learning might be just enough to plug you in and get you writing. Accountability, progress, goals reached. 

Belonging to a group creates an environment for people to nurture, encourage and help others.

Since 1977, The Palm Springs Writers Guild has maintained a strong fellowship of writers helping writers. This fellowship allows members to learn by drawing from the experiences of many (versus being limited by the experience of one). Additionally, members continue to connect and build relationships by partaking in smaller groups or stepping into a leadership role on the Board of Directors or as Committee Chairperson. 

Writers helping writers.

I hope you will take the opportunity of membership this season to discover the joy of meeting other writers; to encourage your fellow member so we can continue to build upon this fabulous network of writers, novice to professional.

*Our next General Meeting is May 2nd, 2:00pm - 4:00pm in the Rancho Mirage Library Community Room, Rancho Mirage, CA.

See you there!


 Diana Miller-Castells,  President BOD

 The Palm Springs  Writers Guild

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